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Interested in joining our team? We’re honored! Below you’ll find some information about the positions we’re hiring for.

Tour Guide

We are looking for passionate, energetic, and outgoing people to lead our walking food tours.

Do you get excited about history? Are you passionate about food? Do you enjoy the nuances and notes of a particularly good glass of beer or bourbon? Do you love to tell funny anecdotes, stories and jokes? Are you the type of person always looking for a stage and an audience (lookin’ at you, actors!)? Are you comfortable guiding and shepherding groups of people (teachers, we know you’re amazing at this!)? Then this is the job for you!

Available hours range from 3 hours/week at $20/hour to 24 hours/week running all 3 tours at $30/hour.

Job Duties:

  • Memorize our tour script (some personalization is welcome)
  • Prepare your bag of supplies (checklist and supplies are provided)
  • Guide guests of about 12 along a 1.5 mile tour route as you tell stories tying together Louisville’s food and history
  • Communicate with restaurants and be a great brand ambassador to our restaurant partners
  • Guide guests through sampling food and drink at each stop
  • Make sure our guests are safe, entertained, and engaged
  • Take care of our guests at each stop (pointing out restrooms, grabbing water, allergy needs, etc)

What We Do For You:

  • Work around your schedule
  • Seek feedback from you on how we can improve
  • Provide a low stress, enjoyable work environment
  • Provide scripts, supplies, and support to make sure you have a fantastic tour!

Pay Rate:

  • $20/hr plus 100% of tips
  • Rate will be increased by $5 per hour, per tour for memorizing & running multiple tour routes
  • $10 bonus for each 5-star review that mentions you by name

Job Type

Independent contractor


  • You choose how many tours to take on
  • Each tour is 3 hours
  • Tours are offered to guides depending on their availability, typically several weeks in advanc
  • e (and never later than 24 hours)
  • Various tours run from Wednesday to Saturday, both evenings and afternoons
  • In addition to our public tours, we also run private tours
  • Available hours range from 3 hours/week to 24 hours/week running all 3 public tours, not including private tours

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Operations Coordinator

We are looking for an organized, efficient office manager who will help us handle administrative tasks as well as outreach to businesses, tour guests, and media. This role will be an independent contractor position that is primarily remote (though we are also open to providing office space and making this a part-time position).

Job Duties:

  • Scheduling: Updating the schedule & communicate with tour guides to confirm, handling schedule conflicts
  • Customer Service: Handling underbookings, cancellations, refunds, and other guest communications
  • In-person and online outreach to businesses: handing out fliers, concierge visits, drop-bys to potential restaurant partners
  • Communication with restaurant partners before tours
  • Responding to emails (customers, private tours, businesses, clients, etc)
  • Private tour organization: communicate with clients and restaurant partners, create contracts, handle logistics
  • Partner with social media team as needed to fill underbooked tours, media features, etc
  • Coordinate & book hosted guests (journalists, bloggers, etc)
  • Media & PR outreach (with provided press releases, content and digital assets)
  • Print, prepare and pick up physical assets (print shop, swag bags, cookies, etc)

What We Do For You:

  • Provide materials, software, training, and support so you can learn and thrive with autonomy
  • Seek feedback from you on how we can improve
  • Provide a low stress, enjoyable work environment
  • Maintain clear expectations and communication when it comes to the scope of your role (IE not pile things on your plate that you didn’t agree to do when we hired you)

We are also open to designing and enhancing this role to fit your needs, including providing office space as needed, training, etc.



Job Type:

  • Independent contractor
  • We are also open to a part-time employee


  • None. That said, our company is only a few months old and as our business grows, we are hoping that this role will grow too and can become a part-time (or full time) employee.


  • 20 hours per week
  • You can set your own hours
  • That said there are some tasks that will need to align with certain hours, such as pre-tour communication (various tours run from Wednesday to Saturday in both evenings and afternoons) and in-person drop by visits for partner outreach when businesses are open.

Work Location:

  • Mostly remote
  • There will be some in-person outreach and physical pick-ups to businesses in neighborhoods surrounding downtown Louisville including NuLu, Downtown, and the Highlands.

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