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16 Delicious Louisville Gifts & Souvenirs

Louisville, Kentucky is a city filled with delicious things. Give the experience of the taste of Louisville with Louisville’s most famous culinary creations, bourbon-smoked and aged ingredients to add depth and flavor to your loved ones’ home cooking, or even a gift card to an incredible Louisville food tour: we’re full of ideas for a delicious Louisville gift!

Our yummy Louisville gift guide will help your loved ones experience the flavors and tastes of Louisville, Kentucky. Whether you’re sharing the flavors of our foodie haven with loved ones afar or just looking for a delightful excuse to treat yourself, let’s dive into a world of delicious souvenirs that celebrate the unique taste of Louisville!

Modjeskas at Muth's Candies in Louisville Kentucky
Modjeskas at Muth’s Candies in Louisville Kentucky

Delicious Louisville Gifts You Can Order Online

Shop the flavors of Louisville from the comfort of your home! Whether your gift recipient is a Louisville local missing the taste of home or a curious epicurean, this selection offers a delightful array of treats that capture the essence of Louisville’s rich culinary heritage.

From iconic bourbons to artisanal delights, send your gift recipient on a delicious virtual journey to the heart of Bourbon City with these delectable and easily accessible gifts.

  • Derby Pie®: Derby Pie is a true Louisville original. Nestled in a buttery, flaky crust, this delicious pie features a rich blend of chocolate and walnuts in a decadent filling (akin to a pecan pie, but way better). Shipped frozen and home-baked to perfection, each slice is a celebration of Kentucky and the perfect gift for anyone craving a taste of Derby City’s culinary legacy. Pick one up on Amazon!
  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon Balls: Louisville’s most delicious creation are a classic Kentucky holiday gift! Order a box online from Amazon, pair it with a bottle of Woodford Double Oaked, and it will be like giving a trip to the distillery.
  • Bottle of Blanton’s Bourbon: Blanton’s Bourbon has become notoriously difficult to find due to a combination of its exceptional quality and a surge in demand. It is highly regarded for its unique single-barrel production process, rich flavor profile, and the distinctive (and super collectible) horse stopper on each bottle. But fear not, dear friends, we’ve combed the vast corners of the internet to unearth a source that brings Blanton’s right to your doorstep—no distillery visits, no queues, just pure bourbon joy. Gift this to any bourbon lover, and watch the excitement unfold!
  • Muth’s Candies : Send a taste of Louisville’s history with Muth’s Candies. From the original, pillowy Modjeska candies to chocolatey Bourbon Barrels, it’s a sweet treat straight from the heart of the city. (And yes, we serve these on our NuLu Food Tour!)
  • Please & Thank You: Give the gift of the best chocolate chip cookies in the country (literally!)! Choose from cookies, cookie dough, cookie dough mix, or a delightful cookies and coffee combo. For a Kentucky original, send a box of Derby Bar mix – the unique, delicious treat that we serve on our NuLu Food Tours.
  • Comfy Cow: Treat your loved one to up to 6 pints of creamy Comfy Cow ice cream, carefully shipped in a cold case with dry ice. We can’t get enough of the Bourbon Ball flavor – that’s as Kentucky as you can get, y’all.
  • Louisville Food Tours Gift Card: Give the gift of flavor and fun with a gift card to Louisville Food Tours! It’s like a passport to a tasty adventure in the heart of our city. Perfect for the adventurous foodie, this gift card invites your loved ones to experience a delightful walking tour through Louisville’s iconic neighborhoods, tasting the story of Louisville one bite at a time. Curious to see what we offer? Take a look at our tours!
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Kentucky Kitchen with Bourbon and Kentucky shaped bourbon barrel decor
Go on, fill this beautiful kitchen with all kinds of delicious Kentucky ingredients… you know you want to! (Psst: everyone needs a Kentucky shape made from bourbon barrels – get one on Etsy!)

Louisville Gifts for the Home Chef

Calling all kitchen enthusiasts and home chefs! Serve up a spread of local ingredients that will make your kitchen the heart of Derby City.

From Louisville spice blends to unique sauces and southern kitchen essentials, these gifts are a flavorful invitation to bring a dash of Louisville’s culinary charm into your cooking haven.

Let’s spice up your gift recipient’s kitchen game with these delightful treats that celebrate the spirit of Louisville, served with a side of Southern hospitality!

  • Bourbon Smoked Spice Kits: Elevate your kitchen game with Bourbon Barrel Foods’ spice kits, smoked low and slow with broken bourbon barrels. The set includes six delicious blends, perfect for a Kentucky kitchen upgrade.
  • Taste of Louisville Spice Set: Capture the essence of Louisville neighborhoods with a spice set reflecting the flavors of Germantown, Old Louisville, and smoky Butchertown. A perfect gift for an adventurous cook!
  • Kentucky Fried Spice Mix: Recreate the iconic taste of Kentucky-style fried chicken at home with this spice mix – a legal *ahem* and much-more-elevated alternative to a KFC basket (which would be kind of a weird thing to give someone, anyway).
  • Woodford Reserve Bitters Set: Elevate your cocktail game beyond the classic Old Fashioned with a creative twist—think spiced cherry or Sassafras and Sorghum bitters. For the ultimate gift to delight an Old Fashioned enthusiast, include a bottle of Woodford-soaked cherries and let the mixology magic begin! As a bonus, this is totally one of those gifts where you can hand it over and then immediately request your recipient to share it with you in the form of a yummy cocktail.
  • Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce: This sauce is a culinary legend, capturing the essence of timeless flavors and Southern heritage. Crafted with a meticulous blend of chutney, pickles, and spices, this iconic sauce adds a burst of tangy sweetness to a variety of dishes. A Kentucky classic since 1881, Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce is not just a condiment; it’s a tradition that transforms every meal into a savory delight.
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Soy Sauce: Elevate your condiment game and bring a lil’ Southern flair to your Asian dishes (go off, Chef Ed Lee!) with this Louisville original! Brewed like a fine bourbon, Bluegrass Soy Sauce adheres to a classic Japanese recipe featuring just five ingredients. This exceptional sauce undergoes a maturation process in bourbon barrels, resulting in a smoky, umami-rich flavor profile with subtle notes of oak and a gentle sweetness.
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Shopping for Louisville gifts in a local store
Shopping for Louisville gifts in a local store

Where to Shop for Yummy Louisville Gifts in Town

Consider us your local guide to all the best places to taste, savor, and shop the best Louisville souvenirs that Derby City has to offer!

Get ready to stroll through the culinary streets of Louisville to find that perfect, scrumptious something to bring a bit of delicious Derby City magic to your loved ones. Or you know, home for yourself for later…

  • Taste of Kentucky in Middletown: Explore a variety of Kentucky treats at this one-stop-shop in Middletown (or shop online). Send your loved one a Derby Pie or bourbon barrel cake, or the Kentucky Sampler featuring a variety of local treats.
  • Muth’s Candies in NuLu: Pick up a bag of the original fluffy, caramel-covered marshmallow Modjeskas in person, along with a delicious chocolate-covered bourbon ball. (Psst: we serve these on our NuLu Food Tour!)
  • Stoneware & Co in Paristown: One of our favorite places to shop for beautiful handmade pottery is also a fantastic source of yummy Kentucky-made products. From bourbon balls to Weisenberger grits, you’ll find a whole wall of delectable Kentucky gifts! (Psst: make a day of it by visiting The Cafe next door for a benedictine sandwich and a slice of their incredible black-and-white cake.)
  • Art Eatables in Downtown: Art Eatables has perfected the art of the bourbon truffle, a delicious fusion of bourbon and chocolate – as well as the Chimere™, their own confectionary creation. In addition to a variety of truffles pairing chocolate with a variety of hand-picked bourbon, you’ll also find delicious Kentucky gifts like Old Forester’s take on the Modjeska and other bourbon-infused foods.
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About us: we run walking food tours of Louisville, Kentucky. Come with us to experience the story of Bourbon City one bite at a time!

Hope to see you on a tour soon!

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